End Of Year Tasks Completed

We’ve had some lovely letters coming in for your new teachers as well as posters for the new Year 3 classes, self-portraits and your own end of term reports! Well done to all that have completed these so far. Keep them coming in!

Molly has also been learning all about magnets too – well done!

Monday 13th July – Tasks for this week

As it is the last week of term, we have decided not to set daily Maths and English tasks. We would like you to do lots of reading this week and still practise your times tables daily. We have also created a grid of activities which allow you to reflect on your time in Year 3 and to look forward to Year 4. You should aim to complete at least 3 of the task in the attached grid.

If you complete a task, email it to us and we will send on to your new Year 4 teacher to look at.

We look forward to seeing you this week to say goodbye and you will get the chance to meet your new teacher, as well as do PE with Mr Davies.

When/if you are coming in, we have a folder of things that we will give you to take home – including display work, plimsolls and bits from your drawer. If you are not coming in, we will leave them at the office for you to collect at a convenient time this week, when the office is open.

We hope you have a lovely last week of term – this has been one bizarre year that we will all certainly remember. Such a shame we didn’t get to see the whole year through together but we are very proud of how you have continued to learn from home and really get involved in the projects tasks. You are a lovely group of children and we will miss you very much.

The Year 3 Team

End of Term Activities Grid

My Own End of Year Report format

Zoo visit

Lilly had a super time at the zoo this week. She enjoyed seeing different animals and just look at the size of those leaves!!

Much about magnets!

Evie and Megan have been busy finding out about magnets. Megan has made a clever bookmark which will be useful at the same time as reminding her of the key words. Evie has displayed her findings very clearly after discovering magnetic items around the house. Well done girls!

Magnificent Magnets!

Some great learning coming in now about magnets.

Eva has been investigating magnetic objects and has drawn some lovely pictures of these.

Well done to Josiah who has investigated friction on a ramp and created a pulley system and then went on to investigate these and record his results very neatly – great work Josiah.